Human ecology. The Spheres of consciousness and sub consciousness, as the carriers of the natural informational connections

In collaboration with Tatyana Bulygina


All of us live in the space of natural informational connections, that is divided into the levels and worlds. All humankind, all the Universe of the past, present and future, as well as the single person, can act in this space.

Inside of us exist all worlds of the Universe, which has born us. There are presented all levels of development with their functions and features, with their grade of maturity (individual for each of us). Every level can be compared with the field of possibilities, that gives us the chance both to profit by these features and to develop them. How much can we use and feel any of levels actually depends on the goal of concentration. The person interested in material things frequently depends on the natural cataclysms and the social stereotypes, and his/her diseases are their derivatives. If the person's attention is concentrated around the spirit the diseases are occurred as the result of refusal from his/her material body. 

Man is the system of different words different bodies. All of them are equal members of the personal “I”, but may be different due to the type of reaction and the type of correspondence energetic. The thing, we call “energetic”, is the decomposition of the substance (nowadays it's impossible  to give its proper definition) on the different spectrum that may be characterised by certain features. We can feel and analyse each of the words we are consisted of. The  results are particular at the moments of working out of the necessary qualities within the given world. 

We learn a great number of the Person's mental bodies and work with them. They  belong to the human sphere, to the sphere of spirit, to the animal and plant words as well as to the world of element(s). 

Every personal (private) world interacts with the informational space of the Universe through its own special carrier and transformer of the energy - the Chakkra. Saying according the generally accepted scientifically logical terms, the Chakkra is the structural clement of the informational space. The  essential information is received and transmitted by the chakras, when it comes in resonance with the vibrations of the informational field at a certain frequency. Each chakkra can receive and transmit the vibration of its spectrum. 

The term chakkra is not new. We can find it in the Buddhism and the Yoga - one of the oldest Indian philosophies. The Buddhists described chakkra like the flower of lotus. The chakra, as I can see it, looks like the flower. Its petals vibrate at certain frequency. Rippling and colour spectrums are the features of the informational field. They are connected tightly, so the rippling different frequency appears as the colour of certain chakkra. The vibration spectrum consists the special type of information. Hence, the chakkras receive and transmit the certain spectrum being in the resonance with the informational field. This is the way of exchanging between the worlds of the person and the universal informational field. 

Further I'll use the colours of chakkra as I perceive them. 

The upper worlds are manifestation of the above conscious that can be apprehended as fore feelings. Their information enters into our consciousness like a light, weak signal deciphered as "it may be". Nobody can exist in the upper worlds consciously, because of absence of highly developed body. But our spirit inhabits right there. Any Spirit begins from the upper worlds. This upper world we can feel through the violet chakkra so called Sahasrara.

Being as a whole single is the special feature of the upper words. There is eternity, but no time. Everything and everybody are connected and present the single whole. We are not distinguished from the environment. “You" and ''I'' are not separated yet. 

One more upper world we can feel through the blue chakkra (Ajana). Here the personal, individual "I" appears through the eternity. This world includes our "I” and that's the reason for perceiving it in a different light (shade). There we can find the following notions "I am eternal", "I am in close unity with everyone”.

The above conscious is finished at this level and begins the consciousness. Through the blue chakkra we get the perception of our destination and the goal of our life.  It arises just where it's appeared "I". No "I" means no way. 

From the third level of the worlds begins the sphere of the consciousness. This is the human world, where the unity distributes on to the separate concepts (notions). The eternity disintegrates into the time and the unity - on to the details. The conceptions are divided and the detachment of particular from the general starts. "Today", "tomorrow" and "yesterday" are distinguished from eternity. This world we can feel through the blue chakkra - Vishudha. Our small individual "I" arises from the spiritual "I" and also from our social conditions of our evolution and at last forms the person, who is perceived and estimated by acquaintances of ours. 

The human world is felt through the green chakkra (Anahata). It consists the source for comparison and contradiction skills. Here we manifest ourselves apparently and right here come together (collision) with the other separated ones. Namely in this world we learn to distinguish the conceptions ''I'', "You", "He/She", “today", "tomorrow", "yesterday". All conceptions and all things are in unity for the spirit. 

At the same informational level begins our emotional "I". When this world leads or it is too much overloaded, our emotionality can be too high or too insufficient. In short it is inharmonious. As usual the diseases are appeared. 

In the animal world the animal and human origins are joined through the soul. This world is felt through the yellow chakkra (Manipura). Here dominates our animal origin, though the participation of soul is quiet important for the junction. If the soul is not enough developed, if the "lessons" of the animal world are not enough assimilated, usually occurs the widespread violation of this world. That's the mechanical junction of various worlds. The person twists from one state to another because of lack of skill for combination both the human and animal features. The most well known metaphorical example of unbalanced and disorderly behavior of twisting from one emotional state to another is the mythological Centaur - half man and half horse. In the case of animal origin domination over the spiritual, Centaur reveals the wild nature. 

Both spiritual and material values are equally valuable. Unfortunately, the spiritual type of person often disregards his/her animal origin, ignores the material body and considers the spiritual type of life as unique. Actually, the material body is the important condition for man's survival and realization of our tasks. If the material body is quiet week or badly developed, the person does not have enough possibility to engage the suitable place in the material word. It means, that the task cannot be accomplished. The week material origin doesn't allow us to realize the great ideas bearing in our brains. 

According the laws of wild nature the unadapted weak man perishes or becomes a victim of stronger.

The contradiction to the world, nature or the similar creations is the usual background at the moment of choosing the material way. As soon as the man starts to be isolated the man is switched on in the movement. Here are presented the various role plays like "hunter"/"prey", where we perform the roles "you are a prey, I'm a hunter" and "I'm a prey, you are a hunter". If the animal origin dominates, we prefer the active, aggressive position and vice versa in the case of pressed, crushed animal origin, the person occurs in the position of victim. 

In so-called animal world felt by yellow chakkra (Manipura) the spiritual and animal origins are connected through the soul. The term "Soul" we interpret, as the well-developed emotional skills of the person. Despite the fact that, at this level dominates our animal origin the participation of the soul for the joining process is very important. The nature of the animal origin may be quite different. E.g. the behavior of beasts is not similar to the behavior of the herbivorous. The style of their behavior clearly shows who is the leader and who is the private (soldier) in the pack. 

The animal world gives each of us the bright emotional features. Behind the social behavior of an average man the animal stereotype, that is the feedback of  his/her social role, is shown very well. E.g. during dangerous circumstances rabbit runs away nip and tuck, but turtle hides into its shell. To catch the field mouse the fox has to know the habit of mouse as well as possesses keen ear and well-developed catching reflex. Mouse, in its turn, can save itself using a clever disguise and maneuver. 

The world of plants is felt through the orange chakkra (Svadhisthana). This world gives us the skill of adaptation to the environment, the feeling of florescence and the life in its entirety. Here dominates another kind of unity in contrast to the upper worlds. In the upper world "you" and "I" are always in unity as distinct from the world of plants, where the unity is momentary and where just the mutability is everlasting, endless. Despite of unity, here we start to be different. Learning (assimilating) the programs of the plant world gives us the skill of adaptation. In the case of destroying the plant word the person loses the feeling of childhood, internal joy and harmony. Disease appears, when person is not able to find the comfortable place in the society. 

Among the plants we can also find the sort of very slow struggle and fight. One plant presses out another for occupying its area. That is the permanent fight for domination. So, the plants exist in territorial, but not in structural unity. As a result the person is depressed, the problems of lymphatic system are arisen. That's one polar source of problem. Another polar of the problem is the high dependence from the environment, the lack of skill for distinguish the individual ''I''. The person stops to develop, being initiative and loses the sense of responsibility. It's more convenient to be executor. 

Thus, the area of subconscious consists of the human, animal and plant worlds. Here we go through the lowest forms of human relations, our animal and plant origin. Further it starts the area or unconscious, the most complicated area for analysing. 

The  informational level,  where it appears our unconscious, is the world of primary forms – microbes, molecules and the organic and inorganic junctions. In this world everything exists as the species and there is no distinguish between separate sells of (self-)consciousness. The primary forms have got the common field of life and change as a single whole. We consider this state as absolute absence of freedom. Our task is to learn being free in the state of unfreedomness. lf this program is assimilated normally, the person receives the possibility to have the adequate reaction of reality and survive the any situation. If we leave some lacks and the part of problem is not worked out, we can meet the deadlocks and ruts during the life. In this case every change we perceive as the tragedy. This word is felt through the red chakkra (Muladhara). 

There is another difficult-to-realize world, the world of element(s), atoms, the primary begining of the Universe. In this world the universes arise and die incessantly. And each of new ones differs from previous. Without taking part of  this word the development is impossible. No information from the upper words cannot be realized without going through the long way from one chakkra to another chakkra. from one world to another world and begins the gradual ascent back to the upper world after diving in the world of elements. Without world or atoll1s and elements the process of artificial creation doesn't exist. The power or this word is well described in Greek mythology. Kronosus, Geya, Titans are the best illustration. The world of elements is our deep unconscious. If this word is well-assimilated, we can become the co-creators of events happened inside or outside us. 

When the programs of lower worlds are assimilated, they provide the stability, allow us to keep the balance in any situation and, at last, give the possibility to create the situations and take part in building process for future. 

That's our quiet general opinion about such a complicated system of words composing the field of our life. We meet frequently the wrong relations with the levels. The imbalance even one of the parameters bears the series of problems. We have to remember one more correlation - the sameness of Space and Man. We live according the same rules, influence on the world and Universe, and generate the events, cataclysms and diseases. 

For changing the Universe and the world we have to change ourselves. We should learn to cognize ourselves. That's the first step towards the global changes.


Translated by Ketevan Gadilia


Proceedings of the International interdisciplinary scientific and practical symposium "Ecology and traditional religious and magical knowledge", Moscow-Abakan-Kyzyl, July 9-12, 2001.