About Author Irina Lezhava
About Author Irina Lezhava  



From the fourth generation of Soviet intelligentsia – as much as would fit in this historical period. Didn’t change views with the change of political reality. Bourn in Kiev, raised in Tbilisi, now live in Moscow. Graduated Literary Institute "Maxim Gorky" – my second higher education – added lyricist to the physicist  I used to be initially.


My first short story appeared in “Yunost” journal in 1981. The first prose book “What the stars teach” was published in 1989, the second “So said Zarathustra” is expected to be published in September. The big time lag between the two is due to the collapse of the Soviet Union putting my family on the verge of survival and forcing a long break in my literary undertakings. I got back to my labour of love just about three years ago and already accomplished something. My works are not only prose, but poetry too. Apart from Internet, I’ve published short stories in paper journals and story collections. Audio-books have been released as well.


Some of my short stories have been translated into Spanish, Ukrainian and Bulgarian, and essays – into English. I’m in cooperation with “Nevsky Almanac” journal on a voluntary basis. I’m also one of the organizers and Head of the Jury at literary contest “The Unreal Novella” (“Russkaya Troika” system, “Samizdat” web site).




About “So Said Zarathustra” by Russian Writer Irina Lezhava

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