Energoanalitics as a method of expansion of psychological possibilities  


The mental problems usually appear because of deficit or redundancy of feelings and emotions and develop as the conflict between the expectations and existence. Most of them, who seek some help at a specialist of energoanalitics suffer from spiritual, mental and physical problems. While healing the energoanalyst teaches the patient how to observe his emotions regardless the feelings of a given moment.

Observations made on the basis of an individual experience help a person to realize the main thing - if you want to change your life, first change yourself. Remember! You are not affected by environment accidentally!

Psychological aims can be considered as a bridge between the personal inner "I" and the environment. They can block one type of information and admit another. The psychological aim is a purposeful orientation of mentality that is directed to some conscious and/or subconscious stereotypes and strongly binds information and emotional feelings inside itself.

Why do people act in different way at the moment of preferring accusation? One can cry and try to prove his innocence while the other promotes the countercharge? Whilst the conscious grasps the situation (thinks over all pros and cons), the mental orientation pulls out from subconscious the standard response for the new information.

Orientation hampers us to see the full picture of the event, but without any orientation it's impossible to sort out the essential things from the common ones. We cannot manage without mental orientations at all.

Any attempt to live according the conscious mental orientations can lead us in to the dead lock and provokes the sense of the deepest helplessness. In this case any signal gets either incomprehensible or shocking and even destroying response.

Sometimes the conscious and subconscious orientations contradict each other and the person is not able to distinguish what type of emotional information is drawn by subconscious from outside. Especially it is impossible to understand the character of connections between the emotional condition and the hidden mental orientations, which determines the relations of a man and universe. It means, that no one can resist the subconscious processes.

Conscious always tries to expand the boundaries of capabilities. Subconscious protects the cumulated experience and resists the serious ideological changes. The people with the strong conscious, who investigate the environment carefully, frequently can destroy it by their ideological experiments. The people with the strong subconscious tries to keep and preserve comprehensible things, but often annihilates it totally because deprives the vivid experience at all.

While healing an energoanalyst teaches a patient to discover and analyse the mental aims, find the contradictions. It means that the patient can cumulate the observations to construct a new experience. The new experience helps a person to understand what exactly defines the relations between the own deep "I" and the society.

One can see himself as he wants to see and takes into account the others' opinion just only if it resounds his own vision. That is why the person pulls the logical lay-out on the surface of the subconscious that atisfies the criteria of the esthetical sense and flatters the self-appraisal. And, at last, considering the lay-out as his own “I", it is offered to the society for subsequent evaluation.

In fact the deep "I" possesses the qualities and interests which are not comprehensible by logical lay-outs. If we glance at the deep "I" as a content of a casket, it can be conceived like disordered, eclectic conglomeration option of solutions, lay-outs, images and reactions that are beyond the traditional classification and, moreover are strangely intertwined.

The conscious and subconscious mental aims do not yield to be analysed by conscious but accepted as a fact of established inner knowledge. The conscious mental aims are considered as the notions of the universe that are based on the private experience (nobody can guess that in fact the private life is the product of the notions but not vice versa) moreover no one suspects about the subconscious aims but can only feel the traces of its activity.

It was mentioned, that any aim is a tool of communication with the universe. They can be useful in strongly defined conditions and for solution of exact tasks. Too much· rigid aims as well as too much amorphous ones can be dangerous, as both of them hammer a person in the dissatisfied or off-cast position, because in such cases the person extremely depends on the environment to reveal his "I".

As more the conscious is imperfect and primitive as more it needs the mental aims reflecting rigidly fixed narrow point of view. Uncultivated conscious can be compared with the intestines of baby. Firstly baby assimilates the food that is digested and transformed into milk by mother. Retarded conscious prefers to receive just only prepared information and assimilates it in its stereotypical form and nothing else.

Even the mature conscious is not possible to perceive the multicoloured illogic universe. However the human type of thinking insists to find liaisons between the various parts of the things that should be perceived as the whole. We would not have been able to think and act without possessing some patterns of the universe that allows us to be well guided in inner and outer world. Creating the patterns we artificially connect the familiar fragments of our life-canvas and try to displace the unfamiliar things from our field of vision that frightens us more pungent, than any other experience. We create patterns of the universe in the image and likeness of our subconscious. But this imperfect pattern is one-sided. Whereas one of the qualities is over-emphasized the others, not less important ones, do not take into account. And this imperfect pattern is only one, that the people can possess. We could not have been able to know our name and even find our home without it.

Learning own mental aims, the person can comprehend his limited vision. This sort of comprehension is the important discovery itself and has a healing feature. It protects from the overestimation of individual skills in distinguishing the real danger and teaches us not to be frightened by own fears. Very often fears substitute lack of information. Investigation of the fears themselves can initiate the process of receiving information. The ability of keeping the attention in the area of the tension develops the conscious and transforms the stereotypes in more perfect forms. The person, who is able to purge the conscious from the weeds of the fears, subsequently should learn how to work with the emotional information. It is very difficult to say: "I do not have enough facts to make decisions and it means that there is no reason to worry or joy".

During the inactiveness of stereotype the emotional pause and sense of anxiety appears: deep-laid tension, that has not been felt before, rushes towards the rare space; the fear arises from the abyss of unconscious: the fear that has been originated such a long time ago that become a part of our individuality. The people perceive this sort of fear as the signal not to work. It is felt as an absence of inner freedom. Especially it is hard to work with the subconscious for a person without any experience of it.

It is especially hard to withstand and not to involve in ordinary stereotype emotions when the private interests are damaged. The person, who tries to stop emotions in resemblance situations, feels the fear of inexistence, because our subconscious does not distinguish emotion and life. Exactly because of the fear of inexistence we contradict to the emotional silence. It means that the subtle emotions are inaccessible for most of us. Only the subconscious that is able to keep the emotional silence can distinguish the subtle emotions. If the miracle was an immediate successful and the person is able to detach information from emotion and remains overt for getting an unobvious information. As a result one can reach the subsequent level. The task of this level is to work out the technique that allows us not to respond to outer signal by our actions.

The emotion is any action, any movement of our mental being. Emotion is the way to evaluate the situation as well as to impact it. For instance, capability to overcome fears, to create the emotion of resistance or aggression inside ourselves means to engage in battle. To be frightened means to submit, to resign, and to hide i.e. to be lost.

Any emotion has got the associative world outlook component. To feel happy because of event helps us to be sure in existence of kind principles. To be upset to the innermost of the heart is nothing but confessing to almighty of evil. The emotion impacts the person and his environment provoking subsequent development of events.

Analysing the type of person according the emotion features, it can be easily predetermine the necessary possibilities of a life-process participant. Unemotional person is deprived the mental power and cannot make excited nor himself neither anybody else. Accepting the situation without even any attempt to resistant likewise bend-by-wind and warm heartedness, this type of person curls up into dense bud. In this case the human individuality does not radiate any magnetism. It remains unnoticed for surrounding until the person is not stared at accidentally. House plants are in blossom in this way. Incapable to survive outside, they are appealed to be only symbols of coziness but not interact with a master. In fact so called pragmatic, lacking in emotions people are quite emotional, but can override their emotions by intellect. Pragmatics' emotion resembles the spring that is able to shrink under the pressure and becomes free releasing its desires.

That is why the pragmatic is a winner in the modern world. While the majority spends the most valuable emotional energy for senseless suffering, the pragmatic finds the most proper application point and directs the succession of events to the goal. The person who is unable to manage with emotions resembles the wild animal - cannibal. He is constantly starving, constantly seeks the object for applying his emotions. The cannibal is danger even for himself as he may appease his hungry by gorging the creature that stands at the higher level of evolution. Absorbing the highest creature, finally the animal has to yield to the highest creature and as the result loses the independent own karma-way of development.

Becoming proficient in technique of emotional process management (without depriving its power of life) allows us to escape from the chain of predeterminations, that binds the activity most of people. The technique of emotional process management insists a skill of keeping spiritual calm and aloof; the emotional life of a soul passes against this background. Keeping aloof does not mean being indifferent in the final result. It means the understanding, that even a negative result is a little step towards a positive one.

One more step deep into this way and we can feel capable to manage not only the emotions, but even the subconscious, that has been a king and a god before. It seems strange, because conscious has not been able to curb the subconscious and resign to its dictate. The strength of subconscious is a disparity in a speed of signal processing. Since the conscious calculates and compares, the subconscious has already prepared its attitude to an event and possesses exact lay-out of possible consequences. Despite the information processing is obviously advantaged, the subconscious has one essential weak area that frequently may have a fatal end. The things, that the subconscious can do at the present moment, were accumulated very long time ago by conscious that was a priori primitive. The primitive conscious usually produces single-choice-solution. However, the technique of the subconscious management implies the development of multichoice subconscious programs of sensation except of a sole choice.

To avoid a mutual meaningless wasting of energy, the empathy to a miserable person should bear a correcting healing power. In the same trouble the people feel themselves differently and need different things. Most people express sympathy not to a person in a trouble, but react to a fear of finding themselves in the same trouble. Their sympathy is a burden but not a healing, because it intensifies the emotion of fears and as a result the stereotype of general helplessness over the reality is fixed on the deep mental level.

Correcting emotion should bear an information about counteraction to a trouble, unity, and ability of fearlessness in any situation and at last about subsequent life as a movement to a deep goal of being. Emotional wave, that is rich with abovementioned content, has quite complicated shape consisting various combined polytypic details. At the sensation level the sympathizer transmits information both about himself as well as his vision of a person in trouble; he can simultaneously transmit information about a trouble itself as a stimulus to self-overcoming and about his readiness to pass through a hard way together without any fears of falling and getting livid spots.

While a stress, the conscious is not able to work at full potential. Sometimes it can be blocked like a computer with a restricted memory, that usually hangs, if a given task exceeds even a bit its power. Exactly at the stress-time the subconscious can show its real capacity because of a great number of informational sources and possibility of a signal to pass at a high speed. If the subconscious is in luck, the wounds may be healed; it also will help to go through all disasters successfully for its development without any damage of a health and mind; it will correct multitude aspects of event. And, what is more important, if the task is correct, the subconscious will protect its owner from a damage to stick in the life of others and not damage his own one.

There is one more step into a depth of subconscious, one more task that seems fantastic at first glance. A man is able to see through himself a movement of natural processes evolution, as has a skill to expand the subconscious programs of sensation. In this case every stereotype is differentiated into temper layers and every of them have its special sense and its special sub-task respectively likewise an amoeba builds its essential instinctive provision of choice.

To develop this skill, the nature needs a high nervous activity of mankind. From this point of view it will be started a movement to achieve a skill of living in a multi-variant world.

The crayfishes were stimulated to work out the system of preservation because of a fear to be gorged. In this way crayfishes take part in the process of creating the human system protection of a danger. There is no difference whether a shell is materialistic or mental, any of these ways are equally heavy. The highest discovery, of a mentality will be a thought that a skill of receiving and remaking the information is the better than the most firm armour.

The monolithic block of stereotype is built layer by layer ...

But the most serious mistakes may appear in the unified system of programs of sensation and perception, in case if any of layers are not processed insufficiently. The mistake in the system of perception and sensation is the hyper protection, lack of protection or unsuitable methods of protection. They appear in the areas where the deep and primitive programs are joint with the perfect, superficial programs located next to the conscious.

To be dived by the conscious into the depth of the unconscious, the person becomes a pupil of an entire being, what has been before and what exists nowadays. The person becomes aware of himself as a part of nature and a manifestation of laws of being.

A man, achieving the step of knowledge of evolution through himself, is able to start working with the instincts, that seem the inseparable system of stereotypes supporting the life on the earth at all. Expanding the possibilities of instincts, man begins to influence the own natural shape. Step by step he assumes an inner freedom of self-expression, and at last, his spiritual essence wraps in an adequate social form. According the opinion of energoanalitics that is an essence way of changing of inner and outer world and creating a psychological comfortable being.


Translated by Ketevan Gadilia


Proceedings of the International interdisciplinary scientific and practical congress "Sacral through the eyes of the "lay" and the "initiated"", Moscow, Juny 21-30, 2004.

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